Audio editing is a skill of detail at speed. A podcast edit could have a thousand cuts and fades, as well as dynamics processing & addition of music. 

Audio editing

Nick is excellently professional, pays attention to details, is communicative and just "gets it". i'll definitely rehire. - Darion d.

Audio Engineer


Nick Santos

I am passionate about tracking, manipulation & mixing. I take pride in the detailed moves I make to chisel a recording into another performance.

Sound editing, mixing, and the addition of effects is what makes audio post production so great. It requires attention to detail, as well as a mutual understanding of the bigger picture.

"Needed some foley and sound design done for a short film. Nick did a great job with everything needed. Met my deadline and I would recommend him to anybody who needs similar work done!" - Alban i.

Live sound engineering 

requires more than plugging in some amps and pushing a few faders. It demands fast knowledge of acoustics and electronics, as well as communication.

Studio Engineering

Audio Post Production


Live Sound

"Nick did a great job, a true professional."

 - Ali N.